September 2005

Acetaie Aperte ~ Modena Vinegar Festival


Acetaie Aperte is an annual festival during which Modena's vinegar producers - most of them family operations that age the product in household attics - offer tastings and tours to the cuisine-curious. Local restaurants offer vinegar menus featuring the ways Modena's most famous edible export can be savored: brushed onto grilled asparagus, drizzled on fresh squash tortelloni, sprinkled on crumbly shavings of parmigiano, or on wild strawberries.

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SlingBox Personal Broadcaster

The Slingbox is a breakthrough consumer electronics device that enables you to watch your living room television programming from anywhere by turning virtually any Internet-connected laptop or PC into a personal television. The Slingbox placeshifts your television signal from a cable box, satellite receiver, or DVR to your PC — located at home or 3,000 miles away — via the Internet. Whether you want to watch your soaps in the laundry room, or catch the big game during a conference call, or watch your local news from China, the power is now in your hands. Wherever you go, your TV will follow.

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Thalassotherapy ~ Quiberon, France

Warmed by the Gulf Stream Quiberon in Brittany is a town almost entirely devoted to thalassotherapy, the water based french solution to overeating and overwork. THe treatment consists os a strcit schedule of doctor prescribed seaweed wraps, hot ocean-water, and jet-spray showers, the parcours aquatique, and multicourse meals of fewer than 1,000 calories (including red wine). Thalassotherapy experts strongly suggest at leaste six days of "cure" for patients to derive the full benefit from the treatment.

Look for Hotels in Quiberon

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Lonely Planet's Passport to the World

Lonely Planet has launched a movement to inspire more Americans to get their passport and travel abroad. Fewer than 23% of all Americans currently have a passport. Designating September as National Passport Month, the company will kick off the campaign with a series of concert headlined by Michael Franti and Karsh Kale and feature locally-based, international musicians from each city. Attendees will be able to have their passport photos taken and receive passport applications, meet and talk to Lonely Planet authors & experts, tape video testimonials about their greatest travel story (or greatest travel dream), and experience the sights and sounds of world travel in the Lonely Planet Lounge. The tour kicks off tonight at Mezzanine in San Francisco.

Friday, September 30, 2005
7PM - 3AM
Mezzanine 444 Jessie Street @ Mint
San Francisco, CA 94103
Tickets on sale via Ticketweb online & by phone.
Price: $15
A portion of the evening’s proceeds will be donated to Project Spera through the Lonely Planet Foundation

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Poetic Rage

Today, Jon Proechel and Patrick Reed wear their hair long and shaggy, rock-video style.
These former Marines are now self-taught fashion designers, investing about $10,000 of their savings in the endeavor, and they are launching their first collection of hip, military-inspired, his-and-hers styles under the label Poetic Rage. They dream of owning a chain of boutiques someday. But for starters, they'll sell their collection of shredded jeans, camo-patched jackets and canvas pistol belts on their Web site, It will be open for business by the end of September.

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Sub $100 Laptop Design Unveiled

Nicholas Negroponte, chairman and founder of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Labs, released the designs for his laptop priced under $100. The laptop will be tough and foldable in different ways, with a hand crank for when there is no power supply. Negroponte came up with the idea for a cheap computer for all after visiting a Cambodian village. His non-profit One Laptop Per Child group plans to have up to 15 million machines in production within a year. A prototype of the machine should be ready in November at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in Tunisia. Children in Brazil, China, Egypt, Thailand, and South Africa will be among the first to get the under-$100 computer, said Professor Negroponte at the Emerging Technologies conference at MIT.
Professor Negroponte predicts there could be 100 million to 150 million shipped every year by 2007.

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emerge*nyc: New to the West Village, this store is kind of a bazaar for up-and-coming designers and artists. Designers can rent space without taking on the financial risk of opening a boutique. Consisting of 26 store-within-store boutiques, emerge*nyc is similar to Fred Segal in layout but you won’t find Rock and Republic jeans here, as the goods are definitely more Nylon than US Weekly.

A mixture of artists and products will be selected. At emerge*nyc 65 bleecker you will be able to buy fashion, jewelry, accessories, art, cosmetics, flowers, limited edition books, eye wear and much more. emerge*nyc 65 bleecker is a department store like no other. Here the customer can purchase designer items directly from the source. Direct interaction with the designer or the creator of each product is part of the process. Vintage and antique items come to life at emerge*nyc. The individual that acquired these precious items can tell you the story behind them. At emerge*nyc you will feel the energy of the new and experience the process of making. You will catch the designer in the act of creating and maybe get yourself involved in the final result. No ready made items wil be sold at emerge*nyc. No mass production is involved in what you are selling or buying.

65 Bleecker Street
New York, NY
p: 212.358.0255

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Boeing 787 ~ Dreamliner

Remember when flying was fun? That was the question Boeing Airlines asked people in its unprecedented survery intended to influence the design of its next jet the 787. Now that the design has been frozen Boeing is about to roll out an airplane that promises to reprise the golden age of travel
Prior to the 787, engineers had always dominated airplane design at Boeing. Sure, they listened to what airlines wanted, but there was seldom any direct feedback from the flying public For this plane, however, beoing took into account passanger complaints: carmped seating, restricted movement, bone dry air, and did something about it.

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Travel Search Engines Reviewed
Pros: Searches premium-class and one-way tickets and fares.
Cons: Does not search for multi-segment itineraries; does not support internet explorer.
Pros: Searches premium-class and one-way multi-segment tickets; flags overnight flights, airport changes, tight connections and long layovers
Cons: Must book through a travel agent.
Pros: Searches flights to and from nearby airports; automatically saves previous searches; speedy.
Cons: Does not search for premium-class fares or multi-segment itineraries; simply links you to ticket seller's web site, which means you have to enter itinerary again from scratch.
Pros: Searches premium-class fares and flights to and from nearby airports; offers the option to save searches.
Cons:Does not search for multi-segment itineraries; fares posted for premium class are often really for economy class.
Pros: Searches flights to and from nearby airports; a clever feature allows you to sort by price, number of stops, airline, time of departure, and airport
cons:No option to search for premium class fares or for multi-segment itineraries; the slowest of the travel search engines we tested.

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Harvest in the Russian River Valley

Some say Sonoma County, with towns like Healdsburg, Sebastopol, Glen Ellen and Sonoma, is the mellow little sister to big-brother Napa. There's something about the slower pace—and soothing, dynamite wines—that makes us agree. However, our heart really lies in the Russian River Valley of Sonoma. The Russian River valley is a bucolic mixture of grape vines, apple tree's, redwoods and of course the river. Running its way all the way to the pacific ocean, the Russian River is a playground for families looking to escape the summer heat and a peaceful haven bordered by orchards, farms and vineyards. Attracted 140 years ago by the world's premier redwood groves, first loggers and then travelers came to see the ancient forests then called Big Bottom. Today, the Russian River area is a vacation destination offering fine restaurants, wineries and activities. The Russian River is made up of small eclectic hamlets and towns.

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Acacia Pinot Noir 2004


Region: Napa Valley- Carneros
Varietal: Pino Noir
Year: 2004
Price $23
Buy Now

The deep, ruby-red color is an initial clue as to the intensity of this wine. The nose combines roasted coffee, Satsuma plum and allspice, with more subtle notes of red currant, licorice and wet earth. Concentrated flavors of plum, coffee and cola complement the textural finesse of the silky mid-palate. Muscular but fine tannins define the long, broad finish while vanilla, bittersweet chocolate and cherry complete the experience.

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George, Gina & Lucy


When was the last time your bag came in Plum with Avocado accents? Well, let me say that the choice of color is not the only innovative approach that George, Gina & Lucy take, when it comes to their new line of bags!
16 different styles with 13 different color combinations leave for a lot of room when it comes to experimenting… but the definite winner are the bag’s names. ‘Bakerboy’ or ‘Her Mess’ are just two of the truly wonderful names that have been created here for an extremely imaginative range…

You can Buy George, Gina & Lucy at

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Last Night’s Party and The Cobra Snake

Last Night’s Party and The Cobra Snake are go-to sources for nightlife documentation

Given the over-saturated celebrity gossip market (who can really keep with US Weekly, Star, InTouch, Life & Style, Access Hollywood, Extra, Entertainment Tonight and The Insider?), many trendsetters we’ve talked to have said they’re tired of hearing the same celebrity gossip and seeing the same red carpet photos in so many different outlets. Photo blogs offer an alternative, thus the phenomenon of sites such as Last Night’s Party and The Cobra Snake. Through these sites, viewers can vicariously “experience” the hipster nightlife scene, which, to some, is way more intriguing that picking up a copy of US Weekly. (This probably has something to do with the fact there’s unspoken requirement of being a) exceptionally attractive b) eccentrically attired or c) a combination of both in order to be photographed and posted to the sites.)

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Virtual Bank eMoney market account

With all of these different online banks around, it's hard to keep clear which banks do what when comparing with new banks or answering people's questions. I don't know how many times I've searched the bank websites for the same info that I just searched for a week ago. So I've decided to make an information post for each of the banks that offer a good savings rate and that I have an account with. First up, Virtual Bank

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Sony Cybershot DSC-R1

Sony has today announced the groundbreaking Cyber-shot DSC-R1, this camera is unique in that it features an APS-C size 10.8 million pixel CMOS sensor coupled with a non-removable 24-120 mm equivelant lens. The R1's APS-C size sensor is also unique in providing full-time live view video for the camera's EVF (electronic viewfinder) and LCD monitor. This means that the R1 can do away with the mirror box and prism arrangement of a a traditional digital SLR and hence have a more compact integrated lens / body design. The Cyber-shot DSC-R1 will be priced at $999 when it goes on sale.
You can pre-order the camera at

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Pop Montreal ~ With Love

Next tuesday will be the kickoff of the Pop Montreal festival. Pop Montreal was fired on the collective impulse of friends and colleagues to create a meaningful and vibrant music festival. In three years we have grown to include a bold cross-section of art forms and events, never losing sight of our focused mandate to reflect the community to which we belong. In 2004, the festival ran a sleepless super-saturated 5 nights. Fans, journalists, musicians and industry representatives met in common spaces to experience a whirlwind of the best, most captivating, music and underground culture in North America . In addition to nights packed with music of every tone, colour, and sensibility, we staged events to focus attention on political and social activism, independent film and photography (and as always, unhinged loft parties stretching beyond the wee hours of the morning).

If you go make sure you see The Slip playing friday September 30th at Le Swimming The Slip are an organic jazz/indie rock band originally from Providence, RI but supposedly have moved to Montreal.

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Uniqlo - The japanese Gap


Clothing retailer Uniqlo, aka “the Japanese Gap”, is trickling into America with three permanent stores in New Jersey and, in an unlikely cross-marketing twist, a temporary store at the New York City Vice shop. Vice employees have handpicked selections with hip, downtown consumers in mind, which is expected to jumpstart US buzz on the Uniqlo label. While Uniqlo is a Japanese staple specializing in basics like t-shirts, sweats, denim, and inexpensive cashmere sweaters, we’re not so sure what the fashion forward set will make of it. However, there’s a good chance that mainstream US may adopt it alongside their spicy crunchy tuna rolls.

Uniqlo at Vice (through September)
100 Kenmare Street
New York, NY
p: 212.219.7788

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Wine Blogging Wednesday #14

The next installment of the monthly virtual wine tasting event known as Wine Blogging Wednesday has been announced. It is being hosted this month by Jens of Cincinnati Wine Garage, and he has chosen New World Pinot Noir as the theme.

For this wine tasting new world pinots will encompass everything except for France and the west coast. I think I might try a pinot from the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, but we will see. Check back here for my review and visit Cincinnati Wine Garage if you want to see what everyone else drank

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Swedish Design Expo


Swedish Design Expo 2005
October 1, 2005, 11AM-7PM
San Francisco Design Center, The Galleria
101 Henry Adams St. (Townsend St.)
San Francisco, CA 94103, United States

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Gregory Lang - Abstract Landscapes


Born and raised in Connecticut, Lang was heavily influenced by the post-impressionist and maritime paintings of the region. At age nine, a storybook written and illustrated by Lang was featured at a group exhibition at the Museum of Discovery in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Lang studied drawing and painting at the Silvermine School of Art in New Canaan, Connecticut and at age sixteen began formal training in oil painting.

His paintings can be found at The Sutter Gallery in San Francisco

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