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Melt Modern is the design team of Matt Proctor and AixĂ© Djelal. They specialize in the creation of elegantly edgy cast aluminum objects for the home, garden, and commercial spaces. The combination of Melt Modern’s contemporary aesthetic and unconventional metal casting techniques yields a striking fusion of spare organic form and richly textured surface that is not available elsewhere in the marketplace.

Melt Modern offers custom work tailored to your individual needs as well as a limited number of in-stock products. They personally make each piece by hand, ensuring that no two are identical. While the basic shape and dimensions are consistent throughout a line, the surface texture, wall thickness and exterior edges vary considerably from piece to piece.

Many of their products utilize cast aluminum due to its desirable characteristics. Cast aluminum has an excellent strength to weight ratio and is a practical material that can be used outdoors as well as in (an exterior salt air environment is not recommended). Aluminum will subtly reflect the colors around it. A wall piece will take on a yellow glow as the morning sun pours in and will change throughout the day as the light travels about the room. In a white, minimalist room, the aluminum surfaces take on an introspective Zen-like quality with subtle variations of shadow resting on a monochromatic surface. In a garden or room with colorful paintings, walls or carpets, the aluminum will glow with reflected color.

They welcome inquiries about custom projects and can be reached at:

Melt Modern
3638 SE Yamhill Street
Portland, Oregon 97214 USA
503.963.9362 telephone

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